Backwards Advent Calendar

I love Advent!  I get to work on it in September all the way through December!  For me it is such a time of joy.  Preparing for the Christ Child and readying ourselves for Him to enter are lives.  What do we do to get ready?  There are so many options!

A book? A daily reading of scripture?  Something more 21st century….. a daily inspiration in our inbox? An online community studying the same passage?  Or there is, of course, the classic countdown Advent Calendar.   Continue reading “Backwards Advent Calendar”


Thankful Pumpkins

img_8587This is my very first blog post ever!  So I decided to start off simple.  What better way to start a new endeavor than by being thankful.  This year, all of our Sunday School classes and all of our youth groups are using thankful pumpkins to steer their prayers in class.  Each class has a pumpkin and is writing on it something or someone they are thankful for.  At the end of November, all of the pumpkins will be used to decorate to decorate the altar. Continue reading “Thankful Pumpkins”