Bible Study Resources

We live in an amazing time when experts on every topic imaginable are at our fingertips!  Expert information about cooking, languages, science, history, health, biographies and so much more is available in an overwhelming amount like never before.  This applies to religion as well.  Blog, scholarly writings, exegesis, opinion pieces are all mixed together out in the world-wide web.  How do you know what is solid scholarly information and what is the opinion of one person?  Continue reading “Bible Study Resources”


Bible Study Methods

Me to a potential small group leader: “Would you like to be a small group leader for ____ group?”

Wonderful and qualified person: “Oh no!  I don’t know anything about the Bible!  What could I possibly offer?”

This is a very common interaction when I am looking for a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, small group leader, etc.  They feel like because they didn’t go  to seminary (which I didn’t either) they are unqualified to lead anything biblical.  This is completely false!   Continue reading “Bible Study Methods”