Bible Study Methods

Me to a potential small group leader: “Would you like to be a small group leader for ____ group?”

Wonderful and qualified person: “Oh no!  I don’t know anything about the Bible!  What could I possibly offer?”

This is a very common interaction when I am looking for a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, small group leader, etc.  They feel like because they didn’t go  to seminary (which I didn’t either) they are unqualified to lead anything biblical.  This is completely false!   Continue reading “Bible Study Methods”


No Prep Youth lessons

This has happened to everyone.  You think that your partner is providing the lesson and when you get to youth group, they are aren’t even there.  Then you remember that they are visiting their mother in St. Louis and you were supposed to provide a lesson.  Now what?

Here are some no prep lessons for youth group.  (A Middle or high school group of any size) Continue reading “No Prep Youth lessons”