Scripture in Advent

It is easy to love scripture during Advent.  The beautiful language of the Annunciation and the foretelling of Christ’s birth is so comforting.  Advent is also on one of the shortest liturgical seasons, so you don’t have to maintain the discipline of reading the Bible every day for very long.  If this is a spiritual discipline that helps ready you for the coming of Christ, then let me make a suggestion….. have a plan.  

Any new discipline, whether exercise or diet or spiritual, is easier if you have a plan.  Not just making up your gym routine as you go along but being thoughtful about which muscles you are going to work on each day.  The same goes for reading the Bible.  Opening to a random page and starting to read, has a time, a place and purpose.  But this might not be it…..

So I propose to you my 28 Day Advent Scripture Plan.  You can download it here.  The great thing is that you can interact with the short scripture passage in any way that you choose.  Maybe you just want to take 5-10 minutes before bed and read it.  Maybe you want to copy it into a journal.  Maybe you want to read it and mediate on it during you morning coffee.  How ever you need to engage with the text to be ready for the birth of Christ, do it.