Bible Study Resources

We live in an amazing time when experts on every topic imaginable are at our fingertips!  Expert information about cooking, languages, science, history, health, biographies and so much more is available in an overwhelming amount like never before.  This applies to religion as well.  Blog, scholarly writings, exegesis, opinion pieces are all mixed together out in the world-wide web.  How do you know what is solid scholarly information and what is the opinion of one person? 

You have to vet your sources.  There is no other way around it.  You have to look at them just as you would search through the archives of the library.  Google can be your best friend when you are search for a Biblical answer or it can lead you down a rabbit hole where you can no longer see the light of day.

I have complied a list of both online and print sources that are good solid resources.  Now, keep in mind that my ministry context is Episcopal.  So these sources are lined up with that theology.


Most churches have these collecting dust in a conference room or in the “church library” that no one has gone into in the last 15 years.  Also, the priest might have them in their office as resources for sermon prep.  419mukpboil-_sx359_bo1204203200_

  1. New Oxford Annotated Bible – This is a scholarly Bible.  You can find it at any large book store or on Amazon.


  2. Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide – This is a biblical outline.  It includes summaries of each book and their famous passages.  This is probably on a shelf in some conference room.


Online Resources

  1. Net Bible   This resource can line up different translations of the bible side by side.  It also has historical notes on any bible verse.  As well as a place and people index.  You can also look at the original Hebrew or Greek.  Helpful Use: for bible study in looking at differences between translations.

  2. Text of the Week
    Everything in this website is related to what we read Sunday morning.  You can search for artwork, drama, videos, sermons, commentary all based on the readings for the week.

  3. Biblical Archeology Society  
    This is a great source of bible questions.  It has free booklets about history and specific books of the bible.  The majority of the booklets are free and amazing!


Disclaimer:  These are completely my own opinions.  I was not compensated in anyway to advertised these resources.