Worship Bags

Worship Bags are an easy cheap way to engage children in worship.  These are so welcoming to visitors and sends the message that children are welcome in church.  Best of all, they can be put together on a slim budget and don’t take a lot of upkeep! Currently, St. Andrew’s has worship bags (I have also heard them call “Play and Pray Bags” – super cute!) in both of our worship spaces and new things are added every month to keep them fresh.  We had a wonderful volunteer crochet bags for us.  But you could just as easily get cloth bags from Michaels.  

Here are some ideas to fill them:

  • Crayons in a travel soap box (to keep them from getting every)
  • Church I Spy Game – It is fun to use pictures from your own worship space. Here is my example.
  • Books about prayer and the Eucharist- Here and here are some examples
  • A worksheet for older kids to take notes about the service – these are super fun to read
  • Finger Puppets
  • Lacing cards – I found mine from etsy
  • Book based on the liturgical season
  • Mini Playdoh
  • Prayer cards to be filled out and placed in the offering.  I place cut out paper hands (all different colors) and directions about the 5 finger prayer.