Children’s Chapel

12011230_10152944081347030_8217188331575475795_nAt St. Andrew’s we are blessed with many young members who attend Sunday morning.  After a year of the nursery being filled with 4-5 year olds, I decided that there were better ways to use their valuable time during worship.  Thus, Children’s Chapel was born.  Our Chapel is specifically tailored to those ages 3-7.  They process out ahead of the Gospel Book with their own cross and Crucifer (one child chosen before the service) into a Sunday School room.  They are in Chapel until the Peace.  The Chaplain rotates every week.

Here is the general outline of our Chapel:

Read the Gospel of the day from God’s Word, My Voice by Lyn Zill Briggs.
Give a short sermon based on sermons from
    Recite our Children’s Creed together
I believe in God above.
               I believe in Jesus’ love.
               I believe in the Spirit, too, who comes to tell us what to do.
               I believe that I can be good and true, dear Lord, like thee. Amen.
    Write out prayer cards.  These are blank slips of paper that the kids can write anyone                 or anything that they would like to hold up close to God.   They can write it                         themselves or an adult can write it for them.  They keep these and place them                  in the offering plate during the Offertory in “big church”.
Pray our Prayers of the People – which can be found here.

If there is extra time, they sing songs or color their issue of Sunday Papers Junior, which we subscribe to.