No Prep Youth lessons

This has happened to everyone.  You think that your partner is providing the lesson and when you get to youth group, they are aren’t even there.  Then you remember that they are visiting their mother in St. Louis and you were supposed to provide a lesson.  Now what?

Here are some no prep lessons for youth group.  (A Middle or high school group of any size)

Instagram Hunt – Read the corresponding bible passage and then come up with a super cool #hashtag as a group.  You could hunt for the following items around the church and grounds.  Partners are best.  You could make it a race but then the items may not be as thoughtful or out of the box.

  • 10 Commandments
  • 7 days of creations
  • Fruits of the Spirit158eba91-7106-42f9-b292-d42ed0b18b63_1-6e85426a337145ec0f1bf7cbee8d0260

Ungame, Christian version – This does take a bit of planning, as in buying the game.  It is  a cheap worth it investment to have on hand.  It is a deck of cards with questions ranging from easy to very deep.

Newspaper –  This one does require a newspaper.  But I’m sure that a seasoned member will have one in their car.  It doesn’t even need to be from that morning.  Pass out parts of the paper and ask “Where do you see God?”.  This leads to a discussion about why they choose that story, where they saw God and what our Christian respond should be.